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In this section you can find traffic reports for Canadian/Mexican border ports of entry.  This section also includes music, videos, some jokes, and computer tips. If you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to let me know. I welcome all feedback. just post your comments on my message board.


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      Would you like to customize that start button from your desktop and says something else than "start" ? You only have to think in a word of 5 or less characters, that will place on the start button, and follow the instructions below.

Your Start button will be like this

      Manually changing the start button requires the use of binary or hexadecimal file editor (for the people that used to work with a TARTAN system it will easy), to alter a CRITICAL WINDOWS SYSTEM FILE, it is therefore not recommended for inexperienced users. To download the hex editor please click here.

NOTE: This process has been successfully tested on windows 2000 and Windows XP and therefore should be quite safe, although I don't accept a responsibility for system problems or Data Loss.


  1. The file that needs to be changed is Windows Explorer, and it is essential to make a backup before you modify anything. "EXPLORER.EXE" can be found in Windows directory, usually C:\WINDOWS (In Windows XP) or  C:\WINNT (in Windows 2000). Make a copy of "Explorer.EXE" and place in into another directory, C:\TEMP or C:\BACKUP  might be a good choice.


  1. When you have already copy the "Explorer.exe" file to the directory that you choice, rename it to  "EXPLORER1.EXE: now download the HEX Editor zip file (is in this page at the top of this section),  and  unzip into the same directory (C:\TEMP or C:\BACKUP).

  2. So at this point you already have the renamed file explorer1.exe and the unzipped file HexEditor in that directory that you choice.

Your renamed file and your unziped file need to be in the same folder

  1. Now is time to edit our "Explorer1.exe" , so we have to open the HexEditor file just double click the XVI32 file . When you have already open the editor, is time to open the  explorer1.exe file, just click from the menu file and then open and locate the file (C:\TEMP\explorer1.exe),  and just open the file, you will see a window divided in three columns, we'll work with the third column.


  1. You now need to find the word "Start", although there are many entries for "Start" in the file only one is use to label the "Start" button. Use the "FIND" function (located  in Search menu), to find the string equal to "S t a r t" which is represented as "53 00 74 00 61 00 72 00 74" in hex values. As there are many different "Start" strings keep searching until you find one located just before this text "There was an internal error and one of the windows you were using has been closed."  

Find "Start" in hexadecimal format

In this picture you can see the "Start" before the message "there was ans internal...."

  1. Once you have located the string, you can then replace the letters in "Start" with five other characters. You must use exactly five characters, if the word want to use less, replace the remaining characters with the space key. In the example I have replaced "Start" with "ALEX*" 

  1. When you already replaced the five characters, it's time to save the modified file "Explorer1.exe" and then copy back to the C:\Windows directory, now you'll have to file on the windows directory "Explorer.exe" and "Explorer1.exe"

  2. Now we have to modify our REGISTRY, to make effective the change on your "Start" Button. So you need to fallow carefully this instructions.

  1. Before do anything close any open applications and  then press start button and click run, the run window type "REGEDIT" and click on OK.

Type "REGEDIT" and click OK

  1. This command (Regedit), will open your REGISTRY Editor. You need to find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]. Find the value named "Shell" and change it to equal the filename of the new explorer "explorer1.exe".

  1. To change the value named "Shell" just click it twice and a new window will open (Edit String)  and just type exlorer1.exe in the "Value data" click ok.

  1. Exit your registry editor and restart Windows for the change to take effect. To reverse the change, modify the value of "Shell" and set it back to "explorer.exe".


Well I hope everything works as you want, with your star button, if you have any questions please let me know.

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If you don't want to hear the live radio just press stop button on the media player.

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